PhD and Career Development Good Year best practices _webinar January 25 2021

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Earning a PhD is an advantage in today’s job market. A PhD can open many "doors" and fascinanting careers. Are you interested in a non academic career?

On January 25th the online webinar "PhD and Career Development  - Good Year best practices"
will be held (CISCO Webex) from 3.00 pm- 4.30pm. 
The event is organised by University of Torino. 

Guest Speaker: Bénoit Duez, Open Innovation Expert and Academic Liaision, Goodyear (Luxembourg).

Moderators:  Lucia Salto, Career Development Facilitator, Research Off., University of Torino,

Danilo Lombardi, PhD Facilitator, University of Torino, PhD program in Complex System for Quantitaive Biomedicine, University of Torino

Our  speaker will explain how to sail smoothly from Academia to industry, he will describe his job and try to help you answer the following questions.

  • How to build a career in industry?
  • How to get a job in industry?
  • What is like to work in industry?
  • What kind of jobs can scientists do in industry?
  • How scientist can find a rewarding career in industry?

Working in industry will not be a backup plan.


To register  click the link

For information about the webinar please contact

Mrs. Lucia Salto dottori.phd@unito.it