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Culture and Language


Italiano is the official language in Italy, and it is spoken by the majority of its inhabitants, including those of San Marino Republic and of the Vatican. Dialects are spoken at regional and local level.

Italian is the official language for all administrative formalities. Therefore if you are planning to come to live or work in Italy, you should be aware that speaking the national language can make your daily life less difficult, especially at the beginning.

Ask your host organisation about Italian language classes for international guests. Local associations, language schools, etc. promote Italian classes as well.

If you want start learning Italian while still being in your country, we invite you to contact the nearest Italian Cultural Institute (Istituto Italiano di Cultura). Click hereto find it.

If interested in getting a language certificate, we recommend to make sure the language school chosen is recognised as an institute of formal training and is qualified to issue certificates.

For more information about language course, please contact the host organisation or the nearest EURAXESS Centre.