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Entry conditions


Formalities may change according to your nationality, the reason of your travel (study, work, tourism etc.), the length of stay (more or less than 90 days) and your country of origin or residence.

For information and to get support please ask your hosting organization or the nearest EURAXESS Centre.


To enter Italy you may need an entry visa according to the reason and duration of the stay. Visa is issued by the Italian Embassy or General Consulates in the country of residence. Documents about accommodation, health insurance, means of subsistence, etc. are required.

Entry Visa type D is always required for periods longer than 90 days.

Less than 90 days 

• An entry visa type C (Schengen visa) might be asked. Please query Visa for Italy website ( .

• Declaration of presence (Dichiarazione di presenza) is requested for those travelling from a Schengen State within 8 days they arrive in Italy, to be submitted the at the Police Head Quarter (Questura). The declaration is not requested when entering Italy from a non-Schengen States or when you stay in hotel/residence.

More than 90 days

• Foreigners holding visa type D must apply for the permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 days from their arrival in Italy. It is issued by the Police Head Quarter (Questura) according to the purpose of the stay (study, research, work) and the duration of the visa (for the first issue).

• The application for the permit (application forms and documentation) is sent at the post office. The postal receipt must be kept together with the passport as it replaces the permit of stay until the original is ready.

• A fingerprinting appointment will be automatically scheduled by the Post office at the Police headquarter (Questura). You will be asked to bring with you the original documentation you have sent with the application form. The Permit will be issued after a couple of months from the fingerprinting appointment provided that the documentation submitted is correct. Check it at Portale immigrazione website

• Permits of stay up to 1 year costs around €116

• Foreigners coming to Italy for the first time and applying for a permit of stay of one year are requested to sign the Integration agreement (Accordo Integrazione)



Schengen area

While holding a valid permit of stay it is possible:

  • to travel, stay in another Schengen country for no more than 90 days in any 180 day period (the 180-day period considered always runs prior to the control date). Visit EU Calculator tool). Please make sure that the passport is valid, and check if you need to report your presence at the local police.

While waiting for the first issue it is possible:

  • to travel for up to 90 days in any six-month period (180 days) provided that the entry visa is still valid along with a valid passport.
  • to transit or make flight connections to the country of origin/residence.


While waiting for the renewal it is possible:

  • to travel from Italy to the country of origin/residence with a direct flight or flight connection in third countries
  • to travel to third countries.


Third countries

Please check if you need and entry visa to travel or a Transit Visa for flight connection.