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In Italy there are different housing options, from individual/shared apartments to single/double rooms. Availability and costs vary considerably depending on the city, the location and the facilities provided.

It is recommended to start looking for an accommodation 2/3 months before the arrival.

Websites of universities and research centres often offer information and support for finding a place to stay. In general, especially for long stays, researchers need to arrange their own accommodation.

For a practical glossary on housing and main rent contracts, click housing_glossary.pdf.

For more information on available accommodation in a specific town, you can contact the host organisation or the nearest EURAXESS Centre.



The communication of the property disposal (Cessione di fabbricato) is asked for each adult or child you are hosting:

  • It must be submitted at the local Police Headquarter (Questura) by 48 hoursafter the property disposal when hosting a NON Eu citizen, regardless the duration of the stay or when hosting an EU, EEA citizen for more than 30 days (uninterrupted).
  • Landlords have to submit the communication when renting or hosting a room/flat to a NON EU citizen (If you arrived in Italy with your family and you rent a flat, make sure that landlord makes this communication for all your family members and ask a copy).
  • Tenants (in the case of a rent contract) have to submit the communication when hosting a NON EU citizen (e.g. partner is included if he/she has join you after your arrival in Italy or if she/he is not holding a rent contract).
  • A copy of the communication might be requested when applying for the permit of stay.