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Moving from Italy


Moving to a foreign country is an exciting and useful experience, encouraged by many international mobility programs funded by European Commission, International organizations, etc.

Nevertheless you need to plan your mobility experience carefully in order to avoid stress and problems once you arrive in the hosting country.

Here follows some practical information about what to do before leaving Italy and how to plan your stay abroad in advance.

Accommodation - send a non-renewal notice (disdetta) by registered letter with a return receipt (raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno) to the owner according to the terms indicated in the contract or if moving earlier. Take an appointment with landlord to check flat/house conditions. You are entitled to get back total or partial devolution of the security deposit.

Utilities and other service (water, gas, electricity, etc.) - cancel all services you were subscribed to and notify your bank. Do not leave debts or bills unpaid. You may be blacklisted on an international debtor registry, which will affect your credit record.

Health insurance – (If registered with the national health system) inform the local health office (Azienda sanitaria) that you are moving; If you have taken out a private health insurance, remember to cancel it. Before moving it advisable to take out a travel health insurance.

Resident permit/Registry office - permit of stay should be handed in at the Police border control; cancel your registration at the local Registry office at local townhall.

Banking - cancel bank/post accounts and any payment methods you used while in Italy.

Schooling – if you are travelling with kids, ask for certificates and titles for your children to school.

Pension – obtain a pension statement (estratto conto contributivo) about your contributions to INPS before moving check that the information is correct.

Driving license – remember to notify at the local Motorizzazione civile your departure if you have exchanged (conversione) your driving licence or your driving licence has been recognised (riconoscimento) in Italy.