Bernardo Nobile Award - 2020

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Area Science Park announces the annual edition of the Bernardo Nobile Award 2020 dedicated to degrees or PhD thesis for giving prominence to the use of patents as a source of information.


The award is a recognition of professionalism in the conduct of the activities of dr. Bernardo Nobile, creator and director of the Centro PatLib of Area Science Park.


The award is dedicated to those who have obtained in Italy, in the last three years, a degree and PhD (laurea magistrale/specialistica or laurea vecchio ordinamento and dottorato). There are no restriction on age or nationality.


The award consists in three different prizes:

- 2.500 € (gross) Thesis prize for a Degree (laurea magistrale/specialistica or laurea vecchio ordinamento);

- 2.500 € (gross) Thesis prize for a PhD;

- 2.500 € (gross) Thesis prize for a Degree or PhD thesis work based on patents as a source of information and leading to the filing of a patent application or to a creation of a new company.


Only one application may be submitted per applicant.

The deadline for the application is October 26th, 2020


For more information about the award and the call click here (available only in Italian) or write an e-mail to: formazione@areasciencepark.it