Open Science Survey

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Contributing to working groups' discussion!

Your input as a researcher, research performing or funding organisation is important in this discussion and we would encourage you to contribute to the discussions by filling in one or more survey(s).

Outcome of the questionnaires  • How do universities and funders ‘reward’ researchers practicing Open Science? and • Which ‘education & skills’ are deemed necessary to practice Open Science? will feed into the current discussions on Open Science Policy and the way forward. Rewarding researchers’ careers and equipping them with the necessary education and skills to practice Open Science represents a new approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work and opens new ways of knowledge distribution using digital technologies and tools.


The questionnaires have been developed in a cooperation of experts specialised in Open Science, under the header of the Steering Group Human Resources and Mobility.


Filling in the survey will take aprox 2 minutes.
We would kindly ask you to respond to the relevant questionnaire before 15 May 2017.


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The surveys are anonymous. Each reply will be assigned a random processing number. No technical identification data is being collected. The data controller certifies that the above information is correct and guarantees that the results will be used in an aggregated form that will not allow the identification of individuals within a response category